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Why hire us?

Sponsors – Save Time – Manage Stress – Network – Experience

No matter the sports event, your team should consist of at least one pro-level sports management consulting group. Here’s why you should sign with us!

SMART Bodywork® offers a business partnership commitment to your event unlike any other. Below is a breakdown of ways we will support your organization.

Sponsorship Sales & Activation

SMART Bodywork® is the trendsetter in sports management and marketing in recreational (among others — i.e. competitive, weekend warrior, international, professional) event solutions for a reason.

Our company and leadership team have been a part of countless projects and thousands of hours in contract conversations and negotiations, supporting event organization’s with sponsorship sales and activation through a variety of sponsorship tools that include but are not limited to: signage on-site, social and digital media engagement, staffing (sports medicine, race medicine, race massage) and volunteer needs, among others.


Your organization requires all hands on deck. By working with us, you find more time to do the work you need to do and let us fill in the negotiated space. From identifying new sponsor leads, creating and attaining signed sponsor contracts, on-site activation through social and digital media engagement, press & promotion, event safety needs and additional entertainment opportunities and revenue streams (such as live digital streaming with sponsors) — we’ll bring you our “A+” game!

Manage Stress, Add Safety, Sports Medicine

Our partner introduced The Only One Stop Shop for Sports Medicine Services for recreational, collegiate and international pro sports teams/leagues living and/or simply training in America to have access to much needed safety, sports medicine services. Eventually, they identified a need to save organization stress and generate additional revenue through a SMARTBodywork.com partnership to increase sponsorship activation points that will directly benefit the safety and security of the everyday athlete at the event.


We have great relationships (the ones you want) across all levels of sport. Between our comprehensive network of pro athletes and teams, their community relations departments, small to medium sized company decision makers, and executives of Fortune 500 companies, we leverage your events with the needs fitting their organization to help you build the best event possible.


Our teams’ comprehensive experiences leverage a long tradition of making key assists to client (event) success. Whether reaching milestones and metrics are most important or achieving above and beyond, it is no secret that it takes a team to build an event… But, ask yourself this question…

“Who on my team has the creative and activation experiences to fix what seem to be our organizations consistently missed revenue generating opportunities at our events?”
If your answer is, “I don’t know” then we’re right here for your success.

For a free consultation, please complete our consultation request form and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive sports marketing and event management consultation solutions for small and large sports organizations (Parks & Rec included), sports commissions’, health and wellness industry practitioners and corporate brands (small and large businesses) while connecting the dots through local community events across the United States.


Our vision is to be revolutionary in the way recreational and competitive sports and race management organizations increase revenue, provide more jobs for student-athletes and recent graduates, improve on-site safety for participants (everyday athletes) and build brands universally through the template of a professional sports management solution.


Leadership – Engaged – Aware – Dedicated & Driven Integrity – Positive – Community – Job Creation

What we do

Welcome to SMART Bodywork®, LLC!

99% of athletes* participate in recreational sports and race events globally. We are THE SOURCE for all things sports management and sponsorship activation! ​Our team of industry leaders are your event liaison for sports management solutions!

From youth and adult sports league and tournament sponsorships or race events (5k/10k/ 1/2M, Full, Tri, etc.) we provide management through a variety of avenues.

  • Sponsor activation during the event, ensures visibility and marketing effort is consistent with the agreed upon sponsor contract.
  • Safety and sports medicine for the participants and spectators alike.
  • Creating an emotionally engaging environment that connects the local audience, sponsors through social media and other digital outlets with the thousands watching YOUR EVENT around the world.

* ”If you have a body, you are an athlete.” – Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman