Tournaments & Events

Sports tournaments

Sports tournaments have a way to become legendary on their own. Some of them are one day and others 14. But no matter the length of time in a park and/or local community setting, in order to become fully engaged most organizations have a need for additional sponsorship’s. They must get sold, activated and connected to the target audience with the best media (digital / print / social / tv / radio) angle in order to increase brand exposure event over event — rather than one at a time. Remember, with a standard calendar and consistent outreach, sponsors will stay engaged rather than having an interest and fading away.

Race and walk events

Many races and walk events have a great team in place and simply need a partner to fill in gaps. We’ll come on board, fill in the organization gaps, and help lead, coordinate a consistent path to growth and organization success while building revenue generated from increased brand exposure.


Our team loves supporting our community, especially when it comes to fundraisers with professional athletes or a beerfest event with golf, or video games, on the side. Whatever your vision or preference, we’ll work with you to develop the best cause-based brand campaign to ensure organization success, community awareness and profitable margins.

Industries We Work With

Accounting, Insurance, Law firms

Tax season. Divorce or Sports Law. Car, house rent or life insurance. Whatever you do, the dollars adds up and the community is always searching for a better rate or a new business to simplify their work-life balance. By sponsoring our events, we put you in direct contact to the athletes in your community with opportunities unlike the rest.

Construction & Architecture

Whether clearing space for a youth field, building a new community stadium, or involved in brick and mortar architecture for retail and restaurants, you can help! By becoming a sponsor or partner, you will help recreational sports and race events become safer and increase community engagement as well.


We have many connections in government which allow our appearance request(s), permits, licenses and events all to pass through the hall a little faster, easier and with more support than before (for the most part).

Health, Wellness & Safety

Yoga, massage/bodywork, and sports medicine (hospital, emergency services, sports medicine) are of the utmost importance to our society changing the way they see, feel, and move in the world. If your company or team is interested in being a part of bettering our wellness community and/or safety at events, please feel free to connect with us.

Media (TV, Radio, Social, Digital, brand agencies)

Working in tandem with media companies from around the country, we’ll help you identify, create and pursue outlets that offer great RoI and a partner mentality in their publication. Regardless of the event, having a clear and concise pre- and post-event press release (among other identified ad opportunities) will provide a streamlined release.

Medical MJ Community

Regardless of your religious belief and political party, we trust you’ll acknowledge and support that medical marijuana offers a direct benefit to individuals with certain disabilities and medical conditions. We connect sponsors from the medical marijuana community to events (for-profit and nonprofit fundraisers alike) who acknowledge it’s medical nutrients and benefits.

Music, Film and Entertainment

The popularity of music, film and entertainment, celebrities and athletes intermingling in our culture today pulses like a DJ throwing down a Facebook Live set (among other social platforms). But while the beat goes so does the engagement. Our role, in today’s capacity and need for an independent artist’s provider of things, can be as narrow as social media manager or as broad as branding agency. Through the power of our network, one great artist can be seen, heard or featured to potentially thousands, maybe even millions, within those same threads of lyrics and sound rhythm or rhyme. And who knows (we do!) — maybe one day independent artists can start making some dollars while sharing some common sense and giving back to their community.

Printing, Digital Graphics and Art

Some of our most talented clients dabble in art as well as digital graphic sketches to event displays and stadium-replica printing, everything from 3D art to cool yoga pants, banners and logo stickers, structures and trade show set-ups for major corporate sponsors at events. These guys are legit. If you’re looking to sponsor and get brand equity from your sponsorship — we’ve got the creative talent for you!

General Marketing

Since sports can be watched on a variety of devices (TV, iPad, Computer, Watch), sports marketing can take many different forms. Our vision is to be the coach, working with you hand in hand to bring you new trendsetting opportunities (in sponsorship sales, activation, marketing, social, video) as well as a standard operations template your organization will be comfortable and successful with.