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Social Media

Media Engagement Requires Teamwork, especially in a social media world

With over 50 years of branding experience among the team and thousands of hours managing and connected to contracts from one major brand to the next, we understand what needs to be done in order for you to be successful.

As a sports management agency, we have relationships across the media spectrum — from local writers in small and medium-sized niche publications to major news anchors in major markets — and we treat them all the same.

We’re not here to teach you who to connect with because you already know that. We can, however, #makeanassist so you are capable to execute the team game plan and move forward with positive (hopefully free) publicity.

Social media world is a cluster, how does yours stand out from the pack?

No matter your sport, race event or non-profit cause — there is purpose to managing your social media world. If you and your team are struggling with finding a rhythm and getting followers, likes, click throughs, etc., definitely reach out to us. We’re happy to analyze your accounts and offer a free consultation for you to get a new perspective.

And if you want us to manage the accounts, we’re happy to #makeanassist as your wordsmith to the masses!


Proper sponsor templates offer a catalyst for shared growth, success

If you have always wondered how they do it, we’ll tell you.

It’s not selling tickets. It’s not from the popcorn, cola, or even alcoholic beverages sold on-site.

The capability of collegiate, professional and Olympic-level sports to host large, successful and safe events stem from the procurement of sponsor dollars. This revenue would not be available without all of the partners involved, coming together with decisions on how, what, when, where and why sponsor dollars get spent — and the sponsors need to see it, hear it, love it!

We’ll take your youth sports site, race location, or community center and turn it into the “stadium” you’ve always dreamed of. Sponsors banners hanging from the rafters (or bleachers, fences, etc.), all participants, spectators are safe with sports medicine, automated external defibrillator (AED) and have exactly the event they desire. Activation is ⅓ of the process and come event days most organization staff’s are exhausted by event start.

With years of experience and great relationships abound, we’ll secure deals that you once dreamed of to create the sports management approach to recovery therapy a sports and race organization would want — fitting the target audience and desired sponsors alike within the confines of the event site.


What is Sports Marketing?

Imagine being at an NFL game and not seeing one single advertisement.

How would the team provide facilities, supporting elements of practice and game day — including stadium security and sports medicine staff, or even afford pay scale of near 200+ employees? Imagine what the ticket prices might be without said sponsors… and then think about the inefficiencies in recreational (youth / adult) sport and race events (1k, 5k, 10k, 1/2M, etc).

Sports marketing uses sport – in any form (practice, tournament, race / series, etc.) – as the “stadium” to execute a sponsors vision for how their brand should be presented.

Our sports marketing template was specifically built as a long-term strategic partner your sports / race “stadium” can rely on (we help you in creating an emotionally engaging environment) to become the next league major brands want to work with.

“We Are Sports Marketing”

Operations Drive Professional Sports Business… They Wouldn’t Make Money Without It!

When a project has a start and a finish, there are generally behind-the-scenes operations required in order to create the vision of success you and your team desire.

Our program allows your organization and staff to have a long-term strategic partner with over 50 years experience in sports management & sports marketing solutions so the success is well-received and the word of mouth, among other branding avenues, become consistently recognizable vehicles for your organization and sponsors growth.

Operations eval will enhance organization, sponsor growth overtime

The approach is broad and the results are undeniable. Rather than having a single strategy, a robust yet consistent template allows us to fill-in where you might not have a teammate (allowing you access to experienced industry professionals) — who will listen to your operating hardships and come up with a top-down solution that best fits your needs. The solution may include concepts created, executed and/or observed at prior events, including but not limited to recreational sports events and local, regional, national and international race event / series, college athletics, minor or professional leagues, or alternative sports.

Since sports can be watched on a variety of devices (TV, iPad, Computer, Watch), sports marketing can take many different forms. Our vision is to be the coach, working with you hand in hand to bring you new trendsetting opportunities (in sponsorship sales, activation, marketing, social, video) as well as a standard operations template your organization will be comfortable and successful with.