Animal Massage Services in Denver, CO

Massage Therapy For Your Pets

Many dogs have hip and joint issues, i.e. complaints, that they can’t tell you about. Massage for your family pet(s) provides a sense of comfort and wellbeing. Since they can’t tell you, booking a massage session will alleviate these tender pain points that you as the owner may be aware of. As a family member, improving the quality of life for your fur baby as they age is imperative to continuing your life long bond together.

Benefits of Animal Massage

Many of us, push to enjoy life with our pets and rarely pause. but the benefits of animal massage can be noticeable after just the first session. If your fur baby is getting up in years, consider these benefits:

  • Increases their puppy yoga skills (i.e. flexibility)
  • Promotes muscle healing by increasing blood flow
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain
  • Reduces tensions and stress in their life (mostly feeling anxious when you’re gone)

Signs Your Pet Wants/Needs A Massage

Puppies and kittens are cute and cuddly. They smile, play and rough house. Then they grow up to become an old pup who can’t learn new tricks. Until their 1st massage and then they’ll be begging for more… treats, walks and cuddles. If you see your pet with these symptoms, consider booking massage for the whole family - fur babies included.

  • Lethargic (Tired)
  • Visible muscle spasms
  • Weakness in legs or favoring a side or a leg
  • Avoids turning head to one side - or - only turns to one side
  • Difficulty jumping into bed, car

For Longevity, Add Massage to Your Animal’s Wellness Toolbox

If you see your dog experiencing any of the signs, speak to your veterinarian about the benefits of massage. Warning: Please identify physical ailments, surgery locations and other health contraindications and sensitivities before booking your session. To ensure your animal is a candidate for massage, consult with your veterinarian.


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