ABC’s of Massage Therapy


In each session, we discuss your health, habits, bodies needs, direction the massage may take and what the goals are for the day’s session. Every session is unique to the client and this information will help guide your massage and bodywork session.

Bodywork and Massage, SportStretch

Every massage therapist on our team offers different types of treatments and the results may vary. When scheduling your session, we will coordinate so you have the best therapist available for what you are seeking.

Consultation After Your Session

We allow for 5 - 10 minutes of consultation or homework demonstrations after each session. This allows for you to see, feel and experience movement in your body.

SMART Bodywork® Manual Therapy, 3D Movement, Fitness and Wellness services

Sports and medical (structural) manual therapy incorporating 3D movement, fitness and wellness services for the everyday athlete within all of us.

SMART Bodywork® mission is to provide each client with the highest quality coverage for their overall wellness needs.

We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation call to help you see which SMART Bodywork® options work best for you.

We hope you'll experience a great benefit from the work and it will help catapult your efforts in achieving the physical and mental health (stress relief, clear headed), movement (better RoM, lighter, move more freely) and wellness goals (nutrition, weight loss).

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