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Corporate Wellness

Massage at events should be ubiquitous and available to everyone. An event may be scheduled with our massage therapists having great hands and amazing skills. To provide your organization and participants with the best service we appreciate and can only consider events with advanced notice.

Say Thank You

Our clients often share their experiences of SMART Bodywork® Massage Therapy to their friends, so we figured “Let’s take the next step forward!”

As a business owner, do your clients have you on a retainer? If so, then this opportunity could be for you! Send them a thank you gift to show your appreciation.

Increased Productivity

Corporate chair or table massage undoubtedly increases work-life balance and helps increase team production. If you have a co-working space, this might be one amenity you offer that differentiates you from the rest.

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A 60 Minute SportStretch Massage Session In-home

$110 | SAVE $30

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    Office Massage Days Reflect How Much You Appreciate Their Work

    Let us help clear your minds so you and your team can make those next business decisions. No matter what you do, a regularly scheduled corporate wellness massage day allows mental blocks to vanish and ideas, production will thrive.

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