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Increase connection with massage at your next event

Corporate Event Massage

Are you organizing a conference? Help your attendees pay better attention while listening to conference speakers. Offering a zen-like massage experience in the conference halls and surrounding environments will achieve this.

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Athletic Events

Are you a travel team coach, parent or volunteer? Do you and your team need some relaxation and muscular relief from high stress and active lifestyle? Either at your arrival destination or before you travel, reach out to us so we can help you all: relax, release and feel rejuvenated.

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Private Events

We’ll coordinate massage therapists for realtor open houses, girls day ins, cannabis topical demos or corporate conferences - book in advance to get our services on your calendar so you can win over your audience! Our team will come fully prepared to provide your contracted services.

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    SMART Bodywork® Is Your Source For Massage Services On-site

    Your staff, clients, athletes and guests will always appreciate your effort to provide relaxing and recovery massage services as an upgrade. Sorry for the inconvenience, but our event massage services are currently unavailable due to Covid.


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