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Individual and Couples massage sessions are available in 60 and 90 Minute lengths. If you are an active individual, always on the go and in need of in-home, hotel massage in California, Colorado and/or Florida, call or email us. We’ll get you on the schedule with a great therapist near you!

Injured in an accident and in need of Medical Massage?

Go to our Injury Recovery page for more information. Our medical massage sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes. Each session includes client intake forms and SOAP notes upon client request.

Our Services

Each massage will be customized to the best of the massage therapists ability and sessions may include:

  • Client Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Aromatherapy and Relaxation Music (Per client’s choice)
  • Classic Massage, Medical Massage, Bodywork and/or SportStretch
  • Trigger point, muscle activation, cranial-sacral, structural alignment
  • Stretching, Range of Motion, PNF
  • Post-session Consultation
  • Other massage tools

SMART Bodywork® Massage Services In Demand

We look forward to seeing you on our calendar. At some points throughout the year, there may be next day or same day appointments available for individuals and couples massage. However, our therapists give us their available schedule 2 - 3 weeks in advance so we can support you, their clients, with receiving the bodywork you need. For special events, please have your coordinator contact us as soon as possible for a quote.

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A 60 Minute SportStretch Massage Session In-home

$110 | SAVE $30

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    Time Is Money, Your Bodywork Should Have Value

    Don’t forget all of the massage therapy services we offer at SMART Bodywork® are performed by Licensed & Insured practitioners with extensive continuing education and come with exceptional customer reviews.

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