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Full Court Recovery With Heat

This massage treatment is available in 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 2 hour sessions for individuals in-office. Each massage will be customized for the client's bodywork goals at the time. If you like to utiize CBD topicals, you can enhance your massage experience with an upgrade of our CBD balms.

With the Full Court Recovery with Heat massage treatment, you will regain mental and physical strength, rid your body of stress and flush toxins, rejuvenate your spirits during this pandemic, reduce muscle tension and boost your immune system in your first session. And yes, the results get better when you do the treatments regularly.

Session Explanation:

Heated Table cover during this Massage package Which includes essential oils, Focused bodywork in your neck, shoulders and arms, NormaTec Leg Compression Sleeves and Therapy Gun

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Infrared Sauna Heated SportStretch Special

Did you know… a HigherDose Infrared Sauna can boost your immune syste and support flushing toxins and increase movement and mobility during your SportStretch session PLUS help decrease anxiety?

Session Explanation

Begin your session in the HigherDose Infrared Sauna for 15 minutes to warm-up the body and find deep relaxation. We'll incorporate aromatherapy and a few minutes of cranial massage while you lay resting in the sauna. Follow that up with a 60, 90 or 2 hour SportStretch session and you'll be on the path to greatness straight away.

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Complete Athlete Recovery Treatment

Massage therapy may help with injury recovery. Whether post-surgery or no surgery, a doctor may prescribe massage as part of a treatment plan. While we do not take insurance, we may create notes for your medical team to review, upon your request.

Complete Athlete Recovery sessions are based on clients needing massage as regularly as 2 times per month during the heavy load of sports and injury needs. If you were in an accident or have a physical ailment that requires great therapy for your body to recover fast, we are your team for SMART Bodywork®.

Session Explanation

Infrared sauna (20 minutes) with aromatherapy and cranial massage. Request CBD at no additional charge, unless to purchase for take home (add $25).

NormaTec Leg Recovery (20 minutes) in Ikea poang chair with weighted shoulder cover.

Table Sports Massage or SportStretch for the allotted remaining time (with additional aromatherapy if desired)

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Thai Sports Massage NormaTec Treatment

Thai Sports Massage NormaTec Treatment is great for athletes of every kind and all ages. From world-class professionals to weekend warriors, student-athletes and their parents each Thai Sports Massage NormaTec Treatment is designed to get the best possible results for each clients desired outcome.

Session Explanation

Movement focused heated-table sports massage session (60 min.), followed by NormaTec Leg Compression and weighted shoulder cover (20 min.) and then ending with SportStretch session (30 min.) with massage therapy gun.

2.5 Hour Session Adds 30 min. SportStretch Time <

A Thai Sports Massage NormaTec treatment will address many of your muscular ailments and any possible restrictive movements you may feel, so that you are loose and ready to play, work or simply be without tension in your body. This massage treatment with Brian and many on our massage team of licensed massage practitioners will always ensure you receive the most comprehensive blend of soft tissue manipulation, deep tissue skills in needed spaces, relaxation, traction and light stretching movements.

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A 60 Minute SportStretch Massage Session In-home

$110 | SAVE $30

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    Our community of Licensed and Insured medical and sports massage therapists enrich the lives of every client. Through their hands on touch, continuing educational training, traditional and non-traditional tools we work with you to achieve your optimal goals with each session.

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