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Quarantine aches & Pains?
We Have What You Need To Feel Great Again.

Our goal for our client(s) with massage therapy, bodywork and SportStretch, whether through the single visit appointments or the membership, is to ensure you have the best services that will support you in your everyday performance.

Our clients range from professional athletes to recreational couch potatoes. Seriously!

What may SMART Bodywork® do for you?

All of our sessions help free your mind of clutter, your body of knots and open your soul to clarity and challenges ahead - it’s just a matter of what you need. And that’s where we come in. Not just offering many different massage modalities, but now offering SportStretch as a service (Select Locations, inquire at time of booking).

Appointment prices apply to all Licensed Massage Therapists currently affiliated with the SMART Bodywork® Massage Team.

Single Visit Massage Sessions

One massage. One time.**

If you have never received massage regularly, you might be hesitant to sign up for our membership. No worries, we can still help you attain recovery results you seek. This goes for any one time massage you receive.

  • Step 1. Book your time for relaxation.
  • Step 2. Notice: As your muscles, nervous system and body relax post-massage, you may feel your skeletal structure significantly benefitting from the work. Once you recognize this progress in functional movement, you’ll be ready to dive-in for more amazing experiences!

Get scheduled with a SMART Bodywork® massage practitioner near you and see if their bodywork is a fit for your maintenance, recovery, health and wellness needs.

60 Minute Session - $140

90 Minute Session - $200

Bulk Massage Sessions

Available in multiples of 3 starting at**

Our bulk pricing plan allows you the opportunity to buy packages in multiples of 3. Some people just need a few great massage sessions when training for an event or performance - while other people enjoy buying massage for friends and family. Massage the way the pro’s do so there is no doubt you’ll be ready to take on the world however you choose.

60 Minute - $126

90 Minute - $180

Membership Pricing Now Available!!

Our Membership Offers You Additional Discounts For You To Book On-site Massage At Home or Work**

Many people get caught up with costly memberships. To cancel a membership, our competitors require you to “use your paid visits” over and over again or to get rid of them as Gifts they have “upcharges” to change the name on the session. Not us.

A Membership per session rate is:

60 Minute - $110

90 Minute - $160

Check out our Membership page for additional features including discounts and how you can go about winning a FREE Massage.

**Additional travel rates may be required and vary by location.

New Client Specials!!

A 60 Minute SportStretch Massage Session In-home

$110 | SAVE $30

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    Elite Massage. Competitive Price. Performance Based. Therapy.

    We value your time and each of our massage therapists will work with you to achieve the benefits you seek from your massage session. Receive your professionally crafted therapeutic massage sessions in your home or hotel room for the business traveller. Contact us to discuss your massage needs.

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