Light Touch Massage Sessions

This page is about the various options we have in the category of Light Touch Massage Treatments. During covid 2020, we came to realize a few things about the human body.

Not everyone is as secure with their tiktok dad bod or Hot girl summer bod.
Some people don’t like to be touched… by anyone.
Everyone needs to have access to methods of wellness that help them relax and unwind for at the very least,  mental and physical wellness.

That is why we came up with these offerings. We have a “weighted leather blanket” of an infrared sauna as well as sports compression leg sleeves. The sauna is like being “wrapped up in a heated burrito”. Whether you need just a little time to reset your central nervous system or a long time in the sauna to get your sweat on, we got the set-up you need for a light touch and/or hands-free massage session in-office.

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