Animal Massage Therapy


Sometimes you just need a break from play time, massage, a light walk? Background checked practitioners provide $1/minute starting at 60 Minutes because life with a furry family member can be exhausting.


Add a Personal Massage

See how booking 60 or 90 minute massage for yourself, your significant along with your pet may help with: reset Central Nervous System, Reduce Muscle Pain and Inflammation, Increase Blood Flow, Alleviate Toxins, Boost Immune System, Decrease Stress And Feelings of Anxiety, Increase Flexibility and Performance At Work Or Activity.

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Walk, Play & A Massage Date For The Whole Family

SMART Bodywork® will assist you in fulfilling your overall health, wellness and fitness goals as we work together to help the whole family feel great – including pets. Everyone loves a committed full body massage, especially when it comes with play time, walk and massage time for their pet.