Athletic Events


NCSI Background Checked Service Providers

Please only pay for your event with us, if you have already received confirmation on your athletic event being scheduled with our team of practitioners. The amount requested in the invoice is the amount due. If you have yet to submit your event, please go to our Book Now page prior to paying. A Day Rate is set for one (1) practitioner to come out to your athletic event for an 8 hour shift. The practitioner may provide sports massage, manual therapy, injury recovery, stretching and Range of Motion, on-site injury assessment and evaluation, taping and in worst case scenarios, possibly emergency medical services. All practitioners have First Aid/CPR/AED certifications.

Suggested quantity of contracted staff usually determined by a few statistics including but not limited to: number of sites, number of attending athletes, event type (contact, non-contact, water), event level and size. It is our estimate that for every 300 athletes you should consider 2.25 – 2.5 practitioners on-site.



Athlete Massage & Safety Staffing Support

Our team of NCSI Background Checked, Licensed and Insured massage & athletic practitioners may also quickly identify, diagnose and move into emergency injury recovery mode.

Cash, Venmo and Zelle are commonly used electronic payment processing applications industry accepted for larger event payments and practitioner tipping. Some practitioners may choose not to accept tips.

A 2% discount will be applied when your event chooses one of these optional electronic payment processing applications (or cash) for payment in full. Please do not submit payment unless your organization has received a SMART Bodywork® LLC invoice or money request from our Company’s approved electronic payment processing applications. If you’re booking with a credit card, please proceed.

No refunds, exchanges or additional discounts given once the event is purchased, as identified and written out in our cancellation policy.