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Recreational Athletes & Weekend Warriors Choose SMART Bodywork® Massage Services

Our business started at sports events and our client base continues to grow with athletes from all recreational types, skill sets and/or professional performance goals.

We work with Masters and Senior level athletes who are former-pro’s, current professional and Olympic athletes, parents for relaxation and their student-athletes competing for college scholarships and US Olympic trials.

Our Licensed & Insured massage therapists are vetted through a committed partnership with the National Center for Safety Initiative. Our team of massage professionals also come with extensive continuing education and great reviews from current or recent clients.

Colorado Availability

Aurora | Arvada | Cherry Creek | Denver | Glendale | Highlands Ranch | Parker

Why choose SMART Bodywork® for massage therapy?

  • Trusted, Licensed, Insured and Background Checked practitioners
  • Vetted professionals who work with elite, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes
  • Massage services for Members travelling
  • Hotel guests book massage through concierge services
  • Continuing education units in various sports and medical massage types
  • Sports recovery like your former competitive team athletic training staff would offer including but not limited to: NormaTec Recovery, Therapy Gun and Infrared Sauna

    We Offer An Array Of Massage Therapy Techniques:

    • Animal Massage
    • Cranial-Sacral
    • Deep Tissue
    • Medical Massage including SOAP Notes
    • Myofascial Release
    • Neuromuscular
    • Sports Massage
    • SportStretch
    • Structural Integration
  • Expectations for your sessions

    Brian Keene says:
    “SMART Bodywork® was built for the everyday person. Everyone needs access and knowledge to a higher quality of recovery so performance at work or on the field will excel."

    During your therapy session, we will work together to resolve your pain and increase your results through pressure, movement and breath.

    SportStretch is...

    It’s as if you asked someone to walk on you and twist you up — AND it feels great.

    The other beautiful thing about SportStretch is it’s perfect for elite and professional athletes and for those young athletes in the 8 - 13 age range who need some form of bodywork and stretching. We offer that. It’s parents of student-athletes in a SMART Bodywork® community that now have access to excellent sports massage and SportStretch programs - just like the pro’s do.

    Our Massage Team Chooses Trunamics Education To Provide You With Complete Injury Recovery

    Thanks to the educational training from Lynn and Ann Teachworth at, many of our massage therapists have exceptional hands-on skills to aide in your injury recovery. With continuing education, many of our massage therapists have been transforming clients health & wellness with Structural Dynamics from Trunamics.

    Client Testimonial: “Did you feel that? It felt like my head fell onto my spinal column." - Larisa G.

    The intention of work is to go deeper, open up the neck and shoulder girdle, muscles and fascia, to achieve maximum range of motion at the atlas-axis joint.

    New Client Specials!!

    A 60 Minute SportStretch Massage Session In-home

    $110 | SAVE $30

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      Welcome Clients

      Are you looking to add a stress reducing element to your life? What about learning how to increase your breath in order to find optimal muscle relief? With SMART Bodywork®, you’ll receive the best hands-on skills from our Licensed & Insured massage therapists in your area. We hope you experience joy and relief from your comprehensive massage session with us.

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