Massage Office Hours

All sessions are truly by appointment only. For scheduling questions or to set-up your FREE 15 Minute Consultation Call, please submit your request on our sidebar contact form.

  • Monday: By appointment only
  • Tuesday: 10a - 2p / 4p - 7p
  • Wednesday: 2p - 6p
  • Thursday: By appointment only
  • Friday: 9a - 1p / 3p - 7p
  • Saturday & Sunday: 10a - 4p (Rotating)

You should request your appointment at least 48 hours in advance to avoid additional fees. We are usually booked out 2 - 3 weeks in advance, as we have many clients attend sessions more than one or even two times per month.

Last minute appointments (within 24 hours) will require prepayment with added nominal service fee and is non-refundable if cancelled in the immediate window before session. All sessions are due to change based on massage therapist assessment and after consultation with client.

Upon confirmation, you will receive a text/email client intake form and an e-mail to your best available e-mail. Please complete the client intake form on a computer (for best practice and not to waste client's time). Please remember requesting and confirmation are not the same thing. You may request a session without confirmation. 

Denver CO In-office Massage Offers More For Less

We offer the most complete bodywork and thorough massage session possible in the time allotted. With all of the massage skills and treatment items we have at our disposal, we will work hard to ensure the queality of work meets the medical or performance needs and pain relief you are seeking.

Mobile Massage Hours

  • Sunday - Wednesday 9a - 7p
  • Thursday - Saturday 9a - 8p
You should request your mobile massage appointment at least 2 weeks - 1 month in advance please. Approved last minute appointments (within 24 hours - per availability) will require prepayment with a nominal service fee and which is 100% non-refundable if cancelled in the immediate window before session.

5 Star Mobile Massage Services

When you work with our practitioners you will find deep relaxation, muscle recovery and experience pain relief throughout the session unlike anything before. Due to Covid and the many variants, our mobile massage therapy sessions are available on an extremely limited basis for the time being.

Please ensure you complete our client intake form and follow all CDC guidelines prior to our arrival for your mobile massage therapy session.

Regularly Scheduled Massage Helps Restore Functional Movement & Boosts Immune System

SMART Bodywork® mobile and in-office massage, SportStretch and other spa-like heat therapy massage treatments.

Massage sessions come in many different forms. Utilizing our combinations of sports and structural massage, SportStretch and technology tools, SMART Bodywork® creates an opportunity for your body to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and may also help you find your deepest breath and a greater range of motion than ever before!

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Corporate, Athletic & Private Event Massage

Available on a limited time basis.

Upcoming Tournaments & Events:

2021 BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament, Palm Desert, CA

New Client Specials!!

SAVE $40 On Your Introductory 90 Minute SportStretch Massage Therapy Session

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    Want to talk about your bodywork goals and needs? Maybe you don't like massage but you know you need stress relief and sports performance. Schedule your FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION CALL and let's talk about how you can get from A to Z faster, stronger and with bodywork, massage, movement and breath you can feel.

    What can SMART Bodywork® do for you?

    Our community of Licensed and Insured medical and sports massage therapists enrich the lives of every client. Through their hands on touch, continuing educational training, traditional and non-traditional tools we work with you to achieve your optimal goals with each session.


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