SMART Bodywork® Injury Recovery

If you've been injured in a car or winter sport accident, medical massage might help!

SMART Bodywork® Medical Massage For Injury Recovery & Pain Relief!

Session lengths are 60 Minutes.

We do the intake and assessment and then focus on your primary or secondary injury and pain point. These are going to be sessions focused on problem areas such as your neck and shoulder region or low back & hips.

Client sesion (SOAP) notes available as requested.

Our massage office is located inside of a medical facility and we do our best to maintain a welcoming and safe space for all clients to visit.

Massage Combining Myofascial Release & Structural Integration May Help You Heal From Injury Faster

SMART Bodywork® is proud to offer Medical Massage services for those in need. From car accidents to whiplash in sport, our Medical Massage program will suit your injury recovery needs.

Benefits are:

  • Increases blood circulation and Range of Motion
  • Reduces swelling, discomfort and pain in the body
  • Focused bodywork to increase human mechanics, improving dynamic movement faster
  • Regularity includes variance of massage modalities based on your need for one great rate
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Lowers respiratory rate
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts immune system
  • SOAP notes are available to client and/or doctors per HIPAA rules and regulations.

Click to watch Oregon Pain Management video to understand pain better.

Seated medical massage

Focused on your area of need, these sessions offer a great value compared to traditional table massage. Seated medical massage incorporates massage along the areas of neck, shoulders, arms and back. This may be a clothed session or in athletic attire.

We incorporate movement, pressure and breath to help you feel less pain and find more motion.

Who Should Utilize This Service?

  • Clients With Chronic Pain - Click Here for more information on Pain Management
  • Clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder Syndrome or other Muscular issues or diseases
  • Parents of student-athletes, teen drivers
  • Winter athletes for prevention and/or recovery from ski and snowboard injuries
  • Car accidents, crash victims and car repair centers
  • Lawyers and Agencies supporting accident or injury victims
  • New Parents, Moms Especially, But Dad's too

a New Moms sanctuary

Postpartum bodywork and massage can help new moms in their recovery. While pregnancy is not an injury to “recover” from, it is a life altering event that typically takes time for the mom to find their new normal.

Postpartum benefits of massage may include:

  • Better sleep, feeling of lightness
  • Reduces excessive fluid, toxins and increases cell waste removal
  • Hormone regulation
  • Improve sleep
  • May reduce postpartum depression

Were You In An Accident? Car or sports injury potentially? Regularly Have hip, low back or neck pain at work?

If you or someone you know is injured, have them reach out for a free phone consultation. We suggest they speak with Primary Care Physician (PCP) prior to scheduling any massage and/or fitness sessions.

Are you a Primary Care Physician with a client-focused recovery program?

If you need medical massage therapy for patient living with soft-tissue pain and inflammation, or health-fitness coach for patient's to start thriving in their journey, message us.

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SAVE $40 On Your Introductory 90 Minute SportStretch Massage Therapy Session

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    Massage, Fitness & Movement Can Help Your Pain Go Away!

    We’ve seen how powerful massage, fitness and movement can be for an individual’s physical health and mental wellbeing. Are you ready to enjoy the journey to recovery and start feeling great again?



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