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  • A Functional Movement Based Approach to Structural and Sports Manual Therapy
  • Increased range of motion, muscle relaxation or rejuvenation and stress relief
  • Reduce inflammation,pain and tenderness from lower leg and foot trauma, whiplash or hip and low back surgery
  • Increase embodiment (body awareness) for you to take lessons home for practice
  • Increased exposure to more healthy and wellness options for better movement
  • Clients' suffering with significant Scoliosis, Multiple Sclerosis and other Musculoskeletal conditions report feeling much better after the session
  • Manual Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief
  • Structural Integration and Visceral Dynamics are go-to sessions for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Testimonials of clients with chronic pain

    "Brian is an experienced, intuitive massage therapist. Patient and kind, he has a natural sense of where to go deep and when to lessen the pressure, He integrates his many trainings during a session and the results are lasting." - Alice J.

    "Brian is awesome. He is very professional and a skilled manual therapist. In my session with him, I could feel each individual muscle that he was focusing on. It was very detailed deep work that I think is hard to find. Thanks Brian!" - Haley I.

    "Brian Keene is truly a miracle worker. Because of past neck and back injuries, I have pain from head to toe and have had regular massages for over 30 years. Through the years I have had many massages with many different massage therapists. Brian is the best massage therapist I have experienced. He is very knowledgeable and sensitive to what my body needs and able to release the pain and tension. His massages are very relaxing and restorative. I highly recommend Brian." - Debbie P.

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    Visceral Manipulation For Low Back & Abdominal Pain Relief

    Visceral Manipulation may be great for you if you experience any of these signs or sometimes:

  • bloating
  • inflammation
  • period cramps
  • strong emotions of anger or anxiety or high stress
  • post-pregnancy weight loss
  • recent hip, abdominal or low back surgery
    Visceral Manipulation Testimonial

    "Brian is incredibly knowledgable and patient with his work. I am super pleased and impressed by the results from his precise, light pressure combined with subtle movements. I highly recommend!" - Teresa A.

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    Increasing Sports Performance

    Sports Massage Testimonial

    "Brian's attention to details was incredible. He worked with me to learn about my needs and then paid special attention to those areas. His focus on mind and body make SMART Bodywork my go to manual therapy office. Highly recommend them!" - Jamey S.

    "I’ve had a lot of sports massage done before but usually left unimpressed and feeling the same aches and pains as when I came in. This was not the case with Brian! He hit places along my neck as well as deep in my hips that I never knew existed! I do a lot of heavy strength training and since starting with Brian have noticed my recovery improve tremendously, which has boosted my results even further and allowed me to hit new PR’s. I will be recommending him to all of my family and friends!" - Josh Z.

    Thai-style sports therapy (SportStretch) Testimonial

    "All I can say is Brian is a miracle worker. Being a Barber I'm on my feet for 10-11 hours a day and put my body in precarious positions. After a great consultation about my ailments he was able to talk me through what was causing my body pains. Brian did magic with the first session but the second was mind blowing. I've seriously never had a better massage and body treatment like his. Would highly recommend him for what bothers you. P.s. I'm a larger guy ( 6"4 280 ) and he made me feel like I was just the easiest thing to move." - Eric F.

    "Brian is amazing! He takes such pride in his work and is constantly improving his craft, and it shows! He is knowledgeable, professional, and makes you feel comfortable. His sport stretch and Thai massage relieved my lower back pain and made me feel amazing! Thank you, Brian!" - Julia B.

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    "I have had 2 sessions with Brian and both were exactly what my body needed. Brian is friendly and I felt completely at ease with him. In our first session I received the Infrared Sauna treatment which was a new experience! It really allowed Brian to guide me through the sports stretch with greater flexibility and ease. Our second session was a "typical" table massage. He worked out knots in my shoulders and neck that had been bothering me for ages! I was so pleased with the overall experience and I cannot wait to book again." - Charlie W.

  • Infrared Sauna heat therapy weighted blanket for deeper internal warmth calming the central nervous system and other connective tissues prior to and/or after your session
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    "Brian had mentioned the leg compression sleeves to me as an option. I took that option recently, and I am so glad I did! I laid on the massage table while Brian adjusted the sleeves around my legs. He set the machine up to go automatically. It was a gradual inflation followed by gradual deflation. A soothing rhythm The tightness in my legs had relaxed and felt good. I look forward to my next session!" - Eva R.

  • NormaTec Compression Leg Sleeves increase blood circulation, oxidation, breath and reduce swelling in legs and feet.
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  • Don't just get the bodywork, get the pain relief you seek. Book a Signature Treatment if you're looking to take your wellness to a deeper level. We combine internal changes with hands-on manipulation to create a deep impact on your overall wellness session results.
  • Please consult doctor prior to booking and/or adding Infrared Sauna or NormaTec Compression Leg Sleeves
  • "My son and I were about to run a 4 mile turkey trot run. I hadn’t been running so didn’t feel very confident. I saw Brian the day before for a athletic stretching session and infra red sauna. I ended up running 5 miles, I was able to keep up with my son and felt surprisingly good afterwards. Whether it’s to manage the stress of repetitive motion or to improve athletic performance, Brian does great work." - Dr. David Shapiro

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    3D Functional Movement & Personal Training

    "I’m a UPS driver and I get a good amount of cardio but I don’t get enough constant upper body or ab workout. I’m also not really a fan of the gym. I prefer to use body weight and this workout is designed for just that. It’s very simple and quick and definitely gets the job done. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!" - Chris G.

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    Notice An Immediate Difference

    Our goal is to help people learn how to enrich their lives, leaving ism's in the session that may be remembered in those tedious day to day moments or life event challenges. Through continuous training for hands on services and coaching in personal training, we try to gift you with unique homework assignments that might help you feel and move better, faster.


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