Immediate Benefits Each Session

Accountability, Goals and Pain Points... Get Support With All 3 & Feel Great!

Take your health, wellness and movement goals and put them in a hat and shake it up. Each session you come in, you'll have a newfound appreciation for the dynamic movement your body can perform. Through signature treatments, manual therapy, structural integration/bodywork and movement integrated fitness sessions, we'll have you movin' and shakin' like you haven't in a while. Experience working with a practitioner who truly cares about your ability to have longevity sharing joyous times with those you love!

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Various Manual Therapy Techniques Offer Different Full Body Benefits

Structural Dynamics of the Neck, Shoulders, Arms & Hands

  • Offering pain relief for:
  • Headaches, Migraines & TMJ
  • Scoliosis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neck and Shoulder Range-of-motion
  • Golfer/Tennis elbow
  • Structural Dynamics of the Low Back, Pelvic Floor & Upper Legs

  • Offering pain relief for:
  • Golf hip and swing ankle, knee and hip mobility

  • Pain Area: Low to mid back pain, shooting pain down leg, hip injury
  • Structural Dynamics of the Lower Leg & Feet

  • Offering pain relief for:
  • Golf hip and swing mobility

  • Benefits from Structural Integration sessions Include
  • Post-pregnancy
  • Visceral Dynamics (manipulation of organs)

  • May offer pain relief for:
  • reducing inflammation in abdominal sheaths
  • reduce bloating
  • reduce period cramp pains
  • digestion
  • movement

  • Who Benefits from Visceral Manipulation sessions
  • Post-pregnancy
  • Other Manual Techniques We Combine For Chronic Pain

    Myofascial Release & Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

    A myofascial release session is good for clients with chronic and long lasting pain. One of the main goals of myofascial release with neuromuscular massage is to ease tension in the body and reduce tightness in the connective tissue. This massage is often best when utilized in conjunction with seated massage sessions.

    The goal for this massage is to reduce inflammation and tension in a specific area of the body. Typically scheduled as: Upper Body / Hips & Low back / Lower Body .

    Disclaimer: Please consult your physician prior to booking any massage type.

    Please communicate with your therapist any maintenance and athletic goals, issues or contra-indications (diseases, surgeries, ailments, etc.) prior to receiving bodywork.

    Neuromuscular Manual Therapy

    Neuromuscular massage therapy is highly specialized soft tissue manipulation that supports clients with particularly significant muscular aches and pains throughout the body. Typically, this session will be focused on the one or two problematic areas. A neuromuscular massage may focus on areas such as, but not limited to:

    • Neck and Shoulders through Lower Back
    • Arms and Musculature of the Spinal Column
    • Low Back, Hips and Glutes
    • Low Back and Legs

    A best approach to having neuromuscular massage scheduled is to plan for your next massage to be within a short window, such as one to two weeks, so your body has time to assess, adjust and analyze its state prior to the next massage. Please hydrate well and stretch after having a neuromuscular massage as it will help you feel refreshed and renewed.

    Cranial-Sacral Therapy

    Cranial sacral is a noninvasive manual (massage) terapy that relieves the Central Nervous System with a light 5 milligram compression in the bones of the skull as well as connecting the head to the sacrum of the spinal column. Receiving a cranial-sacral session will help you address connective tissue, nervous system, and deep muscular issues in the body. This type of energetic bodywork will leave you in a state of deep relaxation.

    Attire for this session will be light weight, form fitting, comfortable athletic clothing. A cranial-sacral session is customized based on the assessment of your individual health struggles and may be an effective relief for clients suffering from chronic headaches, migraines, temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ), neck pain and limited range of motion.

    A cranial-sacral session may also be suggested if you've recently been in a car accident or other serious collission or trauma and experienced a "whipping" effect. If you experienced whiplash, cranial-sacral is a great tool to incorporate for your serious pain relief and full recovery.

    A cranial-sacral session may incorporate light stretching, soft pressures and relaxing essential oils so you may truly feel relief from what ails you.



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