How would your life be different if you could address all of your stress, injuries and health needs with a higher-level massage program that a custom bodywork treatment plan would offer?

Scheduling your time for a customized massage plan is the best way to address your overall health and wellness needs for personal and professional growth.

Your massage treatment plan is designed specifically for you as a supportive plan taking your lifestyle into consideration, offering strength and balance for your overall health goals to be met and you to reach your highest potential.

Relaxation, stress relief and a new understanding of what it means to “feel good” will take hold when you have the massage and bodywork you need.

Massage types vary depending on the school attended, practitioner educations and life experiences. The different types of massage we offer are listed below. These sessions may be received differently depending on the location and practitioner and will be structured to your personal needs. All-in-all, the experience you will have should be no less than 5-Stars.

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician prior to booking any massage type.

Types of Massage We Offer Listed Below

Medical Massage

Our Licensed & Insured massage team has advanced hands-on and educational training and may:

  • Assess the muscular and structural frame of the client at the time
  • Discuss process, goals and treatment plan
  • Open the fascia and muscle tissue in the neck and shoulder region
  • Alleviate acute primary pain points in your body using pinpoint precision on muscles and tendons within neck and shoulder girdle
  • Document a clear, concise path to injury recovery in partnership with your doctors and trainers


What is SportStretch?

SportStretch is a uniquely incorporated combination of techniques such as:

  • Thai Massage
  • Compression
  • Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)
  • Ashiatsu
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR)
  • Traction and various Myofascial and Myoskeletal techniques

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layer of muscles, with attention on targeting knots and releasing chronic muscle tension. While deep tissue massage sessions are all different, our Licensed Massage Therapist will focus on specific muscles and fascia while performing Range of Motion to increase the blood flow through the joints and the circulatory system. A fluid stretch will address your consistent restrictive muscles and leave you feeling relaxed. Make sure to drink water and stay hydrated after your massage. This will help get the most benefits from your session.

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage therapy is highly specialized soft tissue manipulation that supports clients with particularly significant muscular aches and pains throughout the body. Typically, this session will be focused on the one or two problematic areas. A neuromuscular massage may focus on areas such as, but not limited to:

  • Neck and Shoulders through Lower Back
  • Arms and Musculature of the Spinal Column
  • Low Back, Hips and Glutes
  • Low Back and Legs

A best approach to having neuromuscular massage scheduled is to plan for your next massage to be within a short window, such as one to two weeks, so your body has time to assess, adjust and analyze its state prior to the next massage. Please hydrate well and stretch after having a neuromuscular massage as it will help you feel refreshed and renewed.

Cranial-Sacral Sessions

Cranial sacral is a noninvasive massage that relieves the Central Nervous System with a light 5 milligram compression in the bones of the skull as well as connecting the head to the sacrum of the spinal column. Receiving a cranial-sacral session will help you address connective tissue, nervous system, and deep muscular issues in the body. This type of energetic bodywork will leave you in a state of deep relaxation.

Attire for this session will be light weight, form fitting, comfortable athletic clothing. A cranial-sacral session may be customized based on the massage therapists assessment of your individual needs and may be an effective relief for clients suffering from chronic headaches, temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ), neck and back pain.

A cranial-sacral session may incorporate light stretching, soft pressures and relaxing essential oils so you may truly feel relief from what ails you.

Sports Massage

For athletes of every level, each massage is specific to your sport of choice, with focus on alleviating a particularly troublesome area like a hamstring, calf, rotator cuff, neck or shoulder.

Sports massage therapy is great for athletes of every kind. From world-class professionals to weekend warriors, each scheduled sports massage is specific to the athlete's desired outcome. Some require a focus on areas of the body that are overused, stressed and strained from repetitive and often aggressive movements while others need extra rotation, stretching during the massage session.

A good sports massage will address many of your muscular ailments and any possible restrictive movements you may feel so you are loose and ready to play, work or simply be without tension in your body. A sports massage with our team will always include a blend of soft tissue manipulation, deep tissue massage in needed spaces, some relaxing strokes, Range of Motion, traction and light stretching at no additional cost*.

Myofascial Release

A myofascial release session is good for clients with chronic and debilitating pain. One of the main goals of myofascial release is to ease tension in the body and reduce tightness in some of the trigger points throughout. This massage type is often best when utilized along broad tissue muscles throughout the body.

Expect the massage to be a gentle pressure sustained over troubled areas. The goal for this massage type will be to help reduce inflammation, reactivate lost range of motion in soft tissue areas surrounding joints and eliminate pain in problematic areas (among other benefits). If you have had physical trauma, pregnancy or surgical procedures done, this might be a good massage for you to receive.

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician prior to booking any massage type.

Please communicate with your therapist any maintenance and athletic goals, issues or contra-indications (diseases, surgeries, ailments, etc.) prior to receiving bodywork.

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