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Sports Management

Delays, meetings, lowered budgets, coordination, people (clients & employees) management. If you’re an event organizer or a Parks & Rec Coordinator, a one man show or complete team, beware of lost management opportunities. Our team can become one of your sports management partners to assist in continued development, growth of your organization — increasing awareness and revenue along the way.

Sponsorship Sales & Activation

A template is the method with which you work. Many things in a template take up time — planning, programing, timing and logistics — but the most important template of all is sponsorship sales and activation. By having a template for sponsors to follow, each event can be supported financially and through in-kind products, consistently, regardless of location.

Media & Public Relations

Every great sports event has had a start and a finish. This is where local organizations miss big opportunities. Adequate media coverage in advance and post-event are all a part of the process but most events don’t get more then prepping for the day of the event. Connecting with Media & PR affords an organization increased community support, awareness and contributions (sponsorships, fundraising, volunteers, partners, etc).

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Our People

Creative thinkers


Brian K.

Lead Facilitator

Brian brings 15+ years experience from all aspects and levels of sport in driving the buildout (physical structure) of your dream stadium (locally) full of sponsors who know what true value looks like. From press to social media, templates to branding, if you’re a sports org or race series that’s missing something, reach out to Brian and the SMARTBodywork.com team today!


Alex R.

Account Manager

With the direction from our team members above, Alex has a narrow focus: getting the event set-up for the client. Between social media, blogs, vlogs, and standard operating procedures, to effectively create and manage events offers an experience many organizations don’t have.


Cortney Carter Sr.

Director, Youth Camps & League Development (Football)

As Director, Cortney brings his many years of high school and NCAA Division I collegiate football experiences to the table. Cortney has a great understanding of the opportunities in providing an emotionally engaging experience for the kids and we are excited to have him working with us to show the kids how training is done on the field and in the classroom alike!


Jen H.

Senior Associate Director, Sponsorship Sales & Activation

Jen has 20 years in professional and collegiate sponsorship sales and activation as well as a very candid, polite demeanor. Jen’s experiences provide our team with a multitude of skills that go well-beyond sales alone! If you’re a sponsor with SMART Bodywork®, you’ll likely come across Jen at some point and we hope you’re as impressed with her as we are.


Paige S.

Community Relations

As our Community Relations Manager, Chelsea is heavily involved in the non-profit and fundraising contributions we make regularly. In fact, we likely choose an organization that meets our integrity clause because of Chelsea!


Natasha S.

Assistant Event Planner

Natasha is constantly reaching out to more local level sponsors on behalf of SMART Bodywork®, LLC Sponsorship Sales and Activation Team. Natasha also supports with R&D, planning events, tournaments, and fundraisers.

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