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Focus on Reducing Muscle Aches & Pains, Reducing Stress & Increasing Client Movement and Performance With Professional Health & Wellness Services IncludingSports Massage, Functional Movement, Medical Massage for Individuals, Couples, Families at Sports Events, Teacher Workdays & Corporate Chair Massage Events, Working out, Workouts & Stretching, Infrared Sauna & Premium Packages


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In-office Medical and Sports Massage

Massage Treatments with Infrared Sauna & NormaTec

Mobile & Event Massage

Movement, Strength, Inbody & Nutrition support


professional Massage Therapy you can trust

Qualified sports & medical massage therapist who can provide great bodywork as you need it. SMART Bodywork® has connections across the United States with massage therapist that may closely match your goals for your next massage. Getting massage at a general massage shop or spa in Cabo is nothing like a session with a SMART Bodywork® therapist!

In-person Personal Private Training for Functional Movement & Fitness

During these current times, it is extremely important to maintain your fitness levels, cardio movement and stretching. By attending personal training classes, you will notice a significant difference in your everyday energy level.

In-person Personal Private training sessions

Private training sessions are all in-person and will help you build-up your muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness while also boosting your immune system and increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Some people utilize movement for their mental health, anxiety and stress relief. Others need to have a space curated and given permission to move freely in a way they may otherwise wouldn't. Choose a fitness program that is right for you. We offer immeasurable support for you between the numbers and movement that allows for your transformation to take place over time. With effort and consistency, you will see a major difference! Are you ready?

Fitness session types

Movement, Strength & Stretch

A committed session for you to move and breathe about, exploring the space in your diaphragm, rib basket and intercostals. Practie moving your body in practical yet uncommon ways with weight strengthening, increasing range of motion and functional strength.

Workouts for Strength & Cardio

Other Wellness Services

We are honored to work with Kelly Harrington, R.D., who has over 20 years in the nutrition industry.Learn more about Kelly’s functional nutrition approach to health and set up a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss your nutrition and health goals.

30 Minute Sports Leg Stretch Packages Now Available!

SMART Bodywork® massage packages now offer 30 minute rejuvenating leg stretch, flushing the lactic acid and increasing blood circulation and range of motion! Schedule before or after your mountain ski hill visit, golf course or tennis court appointment! Packages available in 6 or 10!

30 Minute Sports Leg Stretch Package

About SMART Bodywork® LLC Massage, Fitness & Wellness Services

SMART Bodywork® LLC massage services mission is to help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals through the use of massage therapy and SportStretch, specialty infrared sauna heat therapy, sports recovery treatments along with fitness and other wellness solutions.

Our vision is for our clients to receive exceptional customer support in setting and achieving personal or professional health, wellness or event goals. We hope to see you in person, in virtual (LIVE or recorded programs) and in the social media world real soon!

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Relax with SMART Bodywork® Massage Services

Colorado Main Office
2121 S. Oneida Street, Suite #420, Denver, CO 80224
Inside Shapiro Family Chiropractic
Brian Keene, LMT, is Licensed, Insured and offering mobile massage throughout the year around the country. You can find Brian, mostly in Denver. However, Brian enjoys traveling for work and is Licensed in the following states. If Brian isn't available for your most immediate session, we are able to connect you with an excellent practitioner or two in your local area.

Brian is most known for working tennis, golf and sports tournaments across the country. With a passion for sports safety and sports management, Brian and the team bring a mental toughness psychology and determination to massage therapy that is unrivaled.

While we have been limited to travel for work at sports events and tournaments these past few years, Brian is excited to have worked BNP Paribas Open in Palm Springs, California October 2021 and is looking forward to working with our sports massage therapist team to be available when more of these professional events come up. ATP, ITF and WTA athletes, volunteer and staff have always been excellent to work with and we hope to continue building our relationships within those organizations and many others.



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Consider how receiving consistent massage therapy with an qualified healthcare sports massage or medical massage therapist increasing health benefits for you, family and friends.


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