About SMART Bodywork®

SMART Bodywork® LLC was developed in 2013 to provide consistent sports management approach to recovery therapy (ie SMART).

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses and sports organizations with wellness, fitness and/or manual therapy staffing services to reduce stress, build team culture, enhance office productivity or athletic performance.

These events may include but are not limited to:

  • - Workplace services such as chair or sports massage, movement therapy.
  • - Gym properties where athletes are training for elite competitions.
  • - Sports tournaments and events where the competition is taking place.
  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the flagship brand companies use to change the direction our society is taking in health, wellness, and self-care.

    About Brian Keene, BS, LMT, CPT, CAFS



    Hey y'all, I'm Brian Keene, LMT. I've been working with athletes of all levels going on 20 years now. I'm originally from North Carolina, started working with collegiate athletics at NC State University and then went to Denver School of Massage.

    Shortly after graduating, I started booking sports massage therapists and athletic trainers, emergency medical technician's and other event personnel at sports tournaments and events around the country. Specifically building the business in Colorado and Southern California, our team worked a lot of tournaments. We saw how valuable it was to support the athletes in recovery and the events in management of the sports event staffing.

    Massive Tournament Success

    San Diego ITF Senior World Championships

    A 14 day tennis tournament, covering 7 sites, 1,100+ athletes, 1 Heart Attack Survivor - required scheduling and managing 78 days worth of practitioner time. After this tournament was when SMART Bodywork® officially started.

    Over the years I had the privilege to learn various skills in manual therapy, professional development, leadership, project management and team coaching which have all allowed me to be a become a high-level manager supporting the event organizers, event attendees or athletes and the practitioners alike.

    Family & Friends

    Brian is married to his beautiful wife Tara. They got married in July 2020 in Libby, Montana. Brian and Tara enjoy spending time watching tv, cooking, listening to music, thrifting, Taylor Swift(ing) and snuggling their handsome dog, Montgomery Matthew Von Keene III (also known as Monty, aka Bob Barker.)

    I enjoy sports events (Big Fan of the NBA Champion Denver Nuggets and NHL Champion Colorado Avs! Lets Go!), concerts and breweries every now and again with family and friends.


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