A Nutrition Service You Can Count On!
Kelly Harrington, RD

Your Dedication To Regular Exercise, Massage  And Nutrition Will Help You Achieve Your Personal Weight Goals

A lot of people tout nutrition... Kelly lives it!

We want you to have an amazing wellness journey - no matter where you are in life.

Sign-up for a Free 15 Minute Consultation Call with Kelly to discuss your goals and lifestyle achievements you seek. While you may have tried fad diets and weight loss food programs without success, Kelly's approach will guide you through functional nutrition unlike any other avenue you have taken before.

An Accountability Partner With 20 Years Experience

Lets be honest, overly generalized diets do not work.

Three things you will learn while working with Kelly, a Registered Dietititian:

1. Identifying, Understanding and changing why you eat what you eat!

2. Maintain a 30-day nutrition and lifestyle journal that helps Kelly help you identify trends, problem areas, and signs of progress which provides you with feedback and recommendations every step of the way.

3. Personalized daily responses with Kelly's feedback and specific tips for your progress to continue moving you toward your goals. You are able to send messages to Kelly throughout the program and have one or two video chat sessions during the month to talk about progress.

With teamwork, commitment and daily engagement, this is a nutrition program that will withstand change for generations to come.


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