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SMART Bodywork® LLC fitness mission is to help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals through fitness and other movement and wellness solutions.

Our vision is for our clients to excel in setting and achieving goals albeit in person or virtual private sessions or classes!

Join us to experience how to unwind tension and build foundational strength for you to have longevity in your everyday family and recreational time. We are now offering a variety of Small Group Open classes including Align + Move (fascial stretch) and Open Workouts. Check out our calendar for the Small Group Open class schedule, offered in-office and hosted online for replay. You can achieve your best physical health with an accountability coach and consistent attendance. Join a Small Group Open class to see if you'll find success with SMART Bodywork® fitness and movement!

The two things you should remember when performing this video practice.

1. Movement is medicine.

2. The test is the exercise. The exercise is the test.

Align + Move Session

    Align + Move is a fascial stretch movement session that alleviates pains using movement integration and helps to release tension in your neck, shoulders, low back through hips and toes. This class can be experienced seated or standing, and typically starts in a seated position and works towards standing.

Create New Movement Patterns To Feel Better Faster

Find length, strength, balance and foundation with an Align + Move (fascial stretch) private session. This session incorporates 3 dimensional movement to help you embody (feel, see, experience) tension and tightness throughout and then identify and work towards feeling better faster.

A comparable would be like a yoga or barre class, but this session is so engaging you will feel full body stretch, better breathing, greater movement patterns and tension relief using resistance bands and breath work and self-massage. You'll take this work home and keep your body moving, enhancing the experience to optimize those areas that might feel tense or strained regularly.

Fitness Programming (Yes, Think Workouts!)

Our personal training program is a great addition for clients seeking workouts specific to the needs, wants and goals.

We will train with resistance bands, kettlebells, workout dice, tennis balls, chairs, dumbbells and medicine balls so you get the fitness, strength training and foundation your body needs.

A Fascial Stretch Movement Plus Workout Session

A fascial stretch movement warmup with a great workout will fulfill the human spirit

Find length in connective tissue prior to your workout and then build with foundation, strength, coordination and balance throughout.

Small Group Classes
Find A Health Conscious, Welcoming Fitness, Health & Wellness Space For Your Movement Longevity

Align + Move 45 Min. $22/person
Strength Training Workouts 45 Min. $22/person
Senior Sit & Get Fit! 45 Min. $20/person
First class is free
Consider Joining Our Membership For Discounted Pricing
MEMBERS Save $10 per class


This is a great service for clients trying to or working on, but not limited to, the following goals:

  • lose weight
  • detoxification
  • stress relief
  • chronic pain relief
  • 30 MIN. $65
  • 50 MIN. $100

    This is a great service for clients trying to or working on, but not limited to, the following goals:

  • reduce lower leg and foot inflammation
  • drastically increase circulation in legs, hips and low back
  • increase stability, balance and
  • 30 MIN. $65
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