On-site Chair Massage

  • For Private or Public Events
  • Consider Chair Massage At Your Next Event

    We will curate the professional massage experience you wish to provide. We’ve been a part of private and public event parties alike. Just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll set you up on the path to relaxation along with a fun, emotionally engaging event environment.

    We know the effort it takes to develop, coordinate and implement a great event. Where we can connect massage, we will, including:

    • Family Staycations
    • Emergency Medical & Healthcare Appreciation
    • Teacher/Staff Wellness Days
    • Birthdays & Graduations
    • Weddings & Anniversaries

    The Perfect Event Add-on To Promote Focus, Wellness & Stress Relief

    Our massage services are crafted specifically for your events. With SMART Bodywork® Massage Team, we coordinate services so you have exactly the type of massage you desire when and where you want it.

    Note: We do not approve of nor refer to licensed massage therapists as “masseuse”, “masseuses” or “masseur” being used in the description of our skills and services.

    Client Testimonials

  • What do newbies to massage say?
  • “It was my first time getting a professional massage and I especially thank you for a great experience. I am now hooked and would return for a massage at any time.” - Blake M.
  • “I loved how welcoming the set up was.” - Mary B.
  • “Honestly unbelievable.” - Ashley R.
  • What do regular clients say?
  • "Brian is one of the best out there. Even when I moved across the country and pulled my back out, he was even able to put me in touch with one of his east coast colleagues so I didn't have to pull a name at random online. Brian's always professional, always reliable. ALWAYS the best there is, period." - Phyllis R.
  • "Brian is an experienced, intuitive massage therapist. Patient and kind, he has a natural sense of where to go deep and when to lessen the pressure He integrates his many trainings during a session and the results are lasting." - Alice J.
  • What about event management?
  • "Excellent coordination and multi disciplinary approach to cater for all your event needs. I've worked closely with Brian and seen up close the attention to detail he prides himself on. In addition, SMART Bodywork only uses highly skilled and professional clinicians across the entire spectrum for any sporting event, however small or large."- Rich M.
  • Share Good Karma With Massage

    Once we get our hands on, you & guests melt into the chair, hooked - one at a time and 8 - 10 or 12 minutes at a time.

    Schedule our massage team to receive the most amazing massage with our very talented group of expert massage therapists.


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