This isn’t Massage. It IS SMART Bodywork®

Are you someone who thinks that human touch is only ‘sensual’ in nature? Let us help clear up some things.

First and foremost, human touch between a client and a therapist is a respectful, independent, neutral and free and clear space to express oneself,

Secondly, every human body has the capability to re-set its natural rhythm, even while wearing athletic clothes.

Also, Visceral Dynamics is a manipulation of the organs to help the whole bodies visceral connective tissues to re-integrate and stimulate blood flow for low back pain relief

If the organs have rigidity, they can’t perform their function optimally, causing dis-eases and/or dysfunction within everyday activity

When the human body experiences any sort of tension, imagine your worst stomach or period cramps, for instance, what do you do?

You grab, poke, move or prod around to get whatever is cramping to stop. When you’re coming to SMART Bodywork®, you have an education based

provider you can trust to help ease your organ tension, re-set your internal compartments and increase depth of breath, pain relief, balance, stability and mental clarity.

At the end of each session, you perform stretches that re-integrate the “missed connections” allowing you to feel more sturdy in your structural alignment.

This isn’t ‘Massage’. It IS SMART Bodywork®.


Brian Keene

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Ace Certified Personal Training living and working in Denver, Colorado. I have worked with athletes of all levels in sport and recreation, at events and in-office, and have built SMART Bodywork® Fitness and Massage to be the place to go to feel better, faster! I believe that movement is medicine and if you need to know three key words to feel better, here they are: 1. movement 2. pressure 3. breath.


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