3 Tips For Your Health & Client Safety During Covid

If you’re an independent mobile massage therapist, make sure to implement these 3 simple covid safety tips for your clients’ safety.

Communicate With Your Clients

Make sure you speak or text with your client the day prior to the session. Should any sickness or uneasiness about the clients’ safety come up, do not hesitate to allow the client to cancel. You might miss the income now but better to not risk your future for small cash gains. Communicate to ensure your clients comfortable with the appointment time and session length and make sure they know your price (and whether it includes or doesn’t include tips).

Perfect Your Scheduling Tool Settings

Have your calendar with you at the end of each session and mark your scheduling calendars with time off for self-care – don’t let that stuff add up on you. When you’re busy with life resposibility, those need to be prioritized.

How do you respond when a client books when you’re not available? What happens if you get double booked?

Try to perfect the settings in your scheduling tool so you can project growth even during a pandemic. This will create more demand and we all know getting clients to book in advance can be a challenge sometimes. This will make it much easier for you and them.

Focus On Your Nutrition, Vitamins, Exercise & Self-Care…

Right now, while times are a little tough, let’s all work together on these things.

Seek out an expert in nutrition and vitamin deficiencies. Find out where you can improve your wellness through nutritional habits. Find an accountability partner to work out with on Zoom or Google Duo if a class isn’t something you do. Create a regimen of nutrition with massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and exercise as additional inputs for boosting your immune system and fully engaging your respiratory and cardiovascular systems to help you on your path to feeling like your best self again.

Sports massage & SportStretch may result in awesome client benefits

The Massage Therapist & Bodyworker In Sports

An experienced sports massage therapist will be trustworthy, able to help you and your student-athlete on identifying possible solutions to create a higher level of sports performance. Most of the time, with a great massage therapy, massage reduces risk in getting an overuse injuries and typically helps increase sports performance during the activity. Take a look below at the differences between Sports Massage and SportStretch.

Sports Massage incorporates fast paced hands-on touch with stretching, Range of Motion to reduce tension throughout the body to increase focus, flexibility and reduce injury risk.

SportStretch the combination of sports and thai massage for athletes at all levels. The process of SportStretch incorporates range of motion, PNF stretch, momentum and pressure. Clients who benefit the most from SportStretch include but are not limited to:

  • Soccer, Gaelic, American Football
  • Australian Rules & Rugby
  • Wrestler/Mixed Martial Arts
  • Avid Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, CrossFit

Avoid spending 3 times the amount of money on injury recovery and schedule your massage therapy with SMART Bodywork®.

SMART Bodywork® Mobile Massage Services

Started SMART Bodywork® in 2013 to help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals through the use of massage therapy and bodywork services.

Now, in 2020, we are ready to bring on new clients and some amazing new therapists. Through our massage work experiences in California, Colorado and Florida, we are excited to bring you the highest quality massage service on the market. Our vision is for our clients to receive exceptional customer support in setting and achieving personal or professional health, wellness or event goals.

Massage Services Include:

INDIVIDUAL & COUPLES – holidays are among us! Now is the time to get your massage self-care on the right track for you and your significant other!

INJURY RECOVERY – Winter snow has already started. If you are injured in a car accident or just slept wrong overnight, give us a call. Our team of massage therapists and wellness practitioners will help guide you in recovery.

SPORTS & PERFORMANCE – With ski season started, it’s time to focus on the elevation. Sports massage therapy can assist you with making it back up for the last run of the day to get to that elevation mark you’ve set your goals to!


60 minute $110

90 minute $140

Schedule Today so you don’t spend 3 times the price trying to figure out your recovery. We are here to help!

Aromatherapy Tips & Tricks

As a sufferer of migraines, Brian Keene LMT, SMART Bodywork® LLC Founder, has been utilizing essential oils to navigate his battle with the invisible anguish in the brain. After much consideration for his health, wellness, nutritional, supplemental diet and vitamin needs, Brian has benefited greatly from Aromatherapy in massage sessions and at-home.

Since we believe everyone should have health and wellness knowledge access that helps them to achieve a better quality of recovery we want to share with you a little bit about Aromatherapy and how to best utilize them in your everyday life.

Benefits of Aromatherapy are:

  1. Increases blood circulation, stimulating Thermal and olfactory nerve systems
  2. Reduce stress and inflammation.
  3. Creates unfriendly environment for bacteria and viruses to live
  4. Sends specific messages to Lymphatic & Immune System and bloodstream to seek out cellular imbalances

How to Best Utilize Essential Oils For…


Symptoms of inflammation include pain, redness and swelling.

Some good anti-inflammatory essential oils to try are chamomile, lavender, and sandalwood.        These reprogram cells for function and proper reproduction.

Other essential oils such as basil, pine and rosemary restore function to adrenal glands.

 Ease Deep Relaxation and Insomnia

Sedatives relax our nervous system and our muscles, which ease pain, tension, cramps and muscle spasms. Sedative essential oils to try include lavender, clary sage, geranium and ylang- ylang. Also: chamomile, rose and orange.


Inhalation  (1 – 2 drops)*

Only use pure essential oils (without carrier oils) for inhalation

Massage (1 – 2 drops) drops of oil into your hands

Create a hand bridge 6 – 12” over the nose

Instruct client to take 2 – 3 deep breaths, deep inhale through nose and slow exhale through mouth

Diffusers (5 – 10 drops)

Add your favorite essential oil to a candle, burner or electric diffuser and place the diffuser in the room you wish to disperse the scent. If you don’t have a “store purchased” diffuser, you can easily use boiling water.

Below you will find recommended drop quantities for other methods. It is suggested to start with 1 drop of oil at a time until you reach your desired scent. Some oils are heavily scented and it usually takes very little oil to achieve the desired smell.

Lotions (3 – 6 drops)

Mix 3 – 6 drops with an 8 oz. bottle of lotion or cream to be used on the body.

Eye Pillows (1 – 2 drops)

Add 1 -2 drops of Lavender or anything rose-related on a covered or protected eye pillow allows for continuous inhalation throughout the night. ALWAYS use a tissue, soft cloth or another washable protection so the eye pillow itself does not absorb the oil directly.

Cool Compresses (2 – 4 drops)

Add 2 – 4 drops of Arnica or Eucalyptus oil to 1 quart of cool water in a mixing bowl. Soak the compress in the water, wring and apply.

Apply cool compresses when inflammation is present and at any stage acute, sub-acute or chronic. Ex. Forehead to ease headaches.

Warm Compresses (2 – 4 drops) Apply directly to the affected area.

Add Clary Sage or Arnica oil to 1 quart of warm/hot water in a mixing bowl.

Soak the compress, wring it out and apply to tight muscles or areas of chronic pain.

Used on neck, forehead, calf*

*Warm compresses should not be used on areas of inflammation. Only use warm compresses for chronic pain.

Tips & Tricks With Aromatherapy Carrier Oils

Dilute essential oils before applying to the skin to ensure safety, slow their evaporation and/or absorption rate, and increase the surface area to be covered.

Use the finest quality available and make blends in small amounts. Essential oils mostly lose therapeutic value due to poor storage, but won’t go rancid. Carrier oils will. When purchasing carrier oils, estimate the amount of oil you think you’ll use within the lifespan of the essential oils.

When blending a carrier and essential oil, use  8 – 12 drops of essential oil to 1 oz. of carrier oil. The ratio you make depends on the individual using the specific blend.

How Should I Be Using Essential Oils?

Healthy adults are 8 – 12 drops of essential oil to 1 oz. of carrier oil.

For Seniors or chronically ill, cut essential oil down to 4 – 6 drops.

  • Chamomile – Muscle Relief & Joint Pain, Break down uric acid deposits surrounding joints, calms nervous system
  • Eucalyptus – Use in low quantity, Anti-inflammatory, Muscle Relief & Joint Pain
  • Lavender – Anti-inflammatory
  • Marjoram – Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory
  • Rosemary – Contains antioxidants

What Are Considered Carrier Oils?

Most Popular Carrier Oils: Almond, Avocado, Coconut, Grape Seed, Jojoba, Sunflower

Other Carrier Oils Include: Aloe Vera, Evening primrose, Macadamia, Olive, Peanut, Pumpkin seed, Rosehip, Safflower, Sesame, Sunflower, Walnut

ALWAYS keep track of drops used, along with the specific carrier oil you are using.

NEVER use mineral or petroleum jelly as carrier oil. Both can clog pores, prevent toxins from being eliminated through the skin and block essential oils from being absorbed.

Suggestion Use in circular motions on reflexology points

Additional Individual Medicinal Properties With Each Carrier Oil

All carrier oils have their own INDIVIDUAL medicinal properties.

Carrier oils range from non-existent to pungent.

Make sure your carrier oil works well with the essential oil you are using and it doesn’t overpower it.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Brian Keene, LMT at:

[email protected]

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