Signature Massage Treatments

Denver, Co In-office Only

Our Signature Treatments Save You Time & Boost Your Full Body Recovery

  • Choose one of our specialty signature treament sessions for a great experience and amazing results! Each session is customized for your needs. Inquire about our signature treatments which add in infrared sauna heat therapy, NormaTec leg compression or thai-style sports massage therapy

    Infrared Sauna & Table Massage

    known as "Sauna Massage"

    Infrared Sauna Heated Massage 90 and 2 hour customized treatments available in-office.

    First 15 minutes in the HigherDOSE infrared sauna during this massage treatment. We include aromatherapy and scalp massage during the first few minutes to help you unwind and relax.

    After the first 15 minutes, we start the massage. This is a great treatment for clients who need a massage.

    Choose "Sauna Massage" for a deeper therapeutic feeling in your massage!


    Sauna Massage Sauna

    Sessions last between 1.5 - 1.75 hours.
    We'll add time before and after your table massage in the infrared sauna with aromatherapy and scalp massage.


    Infrared Sauna & Thai-style sports massage

    known as "Sauna heated thai-style sports"

  • Infrared sauna heated thai-style sports massage customized treatments available in-office.
  • The heat of the infrared sauna combined with the therapeutic pressure, sports and thai-massage with stretching and movement of the body allows for a greater blood flow with longer lasting recovery plus immediate relaxation. This makes for a great athletic recovery.

    With either of these sauna included massage treatments, you will regain mental, spiritual and physical strength, rid your body of stress and flush toxins, rejuvenate your spirits during this pandemic, reduce muscle tension and boost your immune system - ALL in one session.

    And yes, the results get better when you do the SPECIALTY TREATMENTS regularly.

  • Sauna Thai-style sports Sauna

    Sessions last between 1.5 - 1.75 hours.
    We'll add time before and after your thai-style sports massage in the infrared sauna with aromatherapy and scalp massage.


    Neck & Shoulder Massage With Leg Compression & Thai-style Sports Massage

    also known as "Full Court Recovery"

    Full Court Recovery sessions come in 60 minute, 90 minute and 2 hour treatments.
    First 30 minutes in NormaTec Leg Sleeves with aromatherapy and focused massage on your Neck, Shoulders and Arms
    Remaining time spent performing additional massage and stretching.

    Begin your session with 30 minutes in the NormaTec Compression Leg Sleeves. Meanwhile, we incorporate aromatherapy and start the massage with deep, functional massage of the neck, shoulder and cervicle spine area. With pressure, breathing and motion, we work together to release muscles in those areas.

    We remove the compression leg sleeves and start light massage, stretching and range of motion of the legs. We finish this massage with aromatherapy and the full gambit of hands-on skills. We'll work to alleviate the remaining areas holding tension in your shoulders, low back and hips through deeper trigger point, bodywork and movement, Range of Motion in the legs.


    Hips, low back & abdominal pain relief

    Thai-style sports massage with Visceral Manipulation & Structural Integration

    Sauna NormaTec SportStretch is great for athletes of every kind and all ages. From world-class professionals to weekend warriors, student-athletes and their parents, each session is designed to get the best possible results for each clients desired outcome.

    Session Explanation

    This session will address many of your muscular, fascial and connected or integrated ailments from surgeries, injuries, accidents or pregnancies.

    Any possible restrictive movements you may feel, so that you are loose and light, tension and stress free - ready to play, work or simply be without PAIN in your body.

    Receive the most comprehensive blend of soft tissue manipulation for relaxation, traction and stretching movements you've always wanted.


    Hands Free Sessions

  • For People Who Need Wellness But Don't Like To Be Touched
  • most importantly - find something that helps you de-stress. you need it. shoot. you deserve it!

    Schedule your "get away" for a mental health day with us. Choose from an assortment of options that best suit your need for optimal rest, relaxation and muscle recovery.

    30 - 45 minutes in Infrared sauna with aromatherapy
  • What can heat therapy do for you?
  • 30 - 45 minutes NormaTec Leg Recovery with weighted shoulder cover.
  • What do NormaTec Compression Leg Sleeves help with?
  • 30 - 45 minutes massage gun and weighted shoulder cover.
  • How can massage gun therapy help me?

    SMART Bodywork® offers a community oriented family friendly non-discriminatory environment - at events and in-office.

    Our community of Licensed and Insured medical and sports massage therapists enrich the lives of every client. Through their hands on touch, continuing educational training, traditional and non-traditional tools we work with you to achieve your optimal goals with each session.



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